Will adult education rise again in 2017?

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An insightful prediction about adult education from the think tank NESTA. In these times we need to keep learning and gaining new skills. Many of us are creating content, from freelance learning designers to educational organisations. Will governments step up to their part in this too? [amazon_link asins=’1473912210,B00AZ4U65U’ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’sl005-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’492aa960-c2f4-11e6-9aa9-715627bde36c’]

Blended learning: think out of the box

Thank you for the encouraging feedback on my blog post of too long ago, about what happens next with blended learning and other matters. The most valuable question was: exactly what is this blog is to be about? I needed to chose between the options I put forward in that post. At the time of […]