Blended learning: think out of the box

Thinking out the box with blended learning: phone box in a fieldThank you for the encouraging feedback on my blog post of too long ago, about what happens next with blended learning and other matters.

The most valuable question was: exactly what is this blog is to be about? I needed to chose between the options I put forward in that post. At the time of writing I didn’t see them as options; I was intending to cover them all. On reflection a more single-minded approach is better, and it’s this:

The ways in which, as educators, we can use existing and future technologies to create high-quality flipped and blended learning in higher education. Wild speculation about future possibilities as well as reflections on current realities.

Specifics as well as thinking aloud, which is the strength of the blog form.

Yesterday, on my Facebook page, I linked to the ‘Think Out of the Box’ project at Latymer Upper School in Hammersmith, London. This came to my attention because of the involvement of Peter Gabriel, an amazingly creative musician.

The first video is concerned with how we can read each other’s minds, which sounds like one for the wild speculation category but is actually a more advanced science than we might realise. Clearly the implications for higher education are far reaching. Here’s the link.

And here’s Peter Gabriel speaking with Mary-Lou Jepson about the implications of being able to do a ‘brain dump’ of our thoughts. The whole discussion is by turns fascinating and somewhat disturbing when thinking about the implications. They focus on education from about 11:58 onwards – how can this technology be used to enable immersive learning and transform education? They speak about being able to move beyond a lecture format, get inside people’s heads, and unlock potential. For better or worse that just scratches the surface.

Stay tuned, this is going to be a hell of an adventure.

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